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About Cayman

Welcome to the beautiful Cayman Islands!

Welcome to the beautiful Cayman Islands! Home to unique flora and fauna, pristine white sand beaches, hospitable people and excellent real estate investment opportunities. A British colony, the Cayman Islands has both British and American influences as well as the influences of the various nationalities that reside here. Based on a Christian society, it is important to note that establishments serving alcohol must close before 12:00 a.m. on Sunday. Most shops and business with the exception of those in the service industry close, leaving plenty of time to soak of the Caribbean sun at the beach.

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A Vista Del Mar, #133 Ironshore Drive


Grand Cayman boasts tropical weather year round, with very little change with the 'seasons'. Temperatures average 80 degrees year round, with December to April having the coolest temperatures. Rainfall varies, but the heaviest rain is usually expected in June and October. Hurricane season runs June through November.

A Vista Del Mar, #133 Ironshore Drive

Property Ownership

There is no legal restrictions of any kind on foreign ownership of property, nor are there property classes of any kind.

Titles can be granted by the Cayman Islands Government to one or more individuals or a corporation.

Moving, Working & Setting:


Entertainment and Dining:



Miracle Brokers International

Irma Arch - Shipping Broker


Immigration services:

Anglin-Lewis and Associates

Paulette Anglin-Lewis


Legal Services:

Stacy Thompson Attorney-at-Law

Stacy Ann Thompson


Plumbing Services:

Walton and Sons

Cecil Walton

(345) 939-1882

Excavation/Marl Fill Services:

Caymarl Ltd.

Harilyn Bodden


Marketing Services:

Sage Communications

Marvette Darien

(345) 946-6064

Graphic Design:

Aurora Yates – Freelance Graphic Designer

(345) 946-6064

Cayman Islands Government:


Local Newspapers and Publications:

The Caymanian Compass


Cayman News Service:


Caribbean Utilities Company:


Water Authority - Cayman:


Cayman Water: